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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Changes happen

The present moment is the result of what have happened since last summer, eight months ago. That means that telling about now implies going back to my personal roller-coaster journey from Madrid to Santiago de Compostela, back to Madrid, briefly to Alicante and to UK. I passed through many places but the most important changes didn’t take place in the geographical space, but in the personal, where everything happened at the velocity of light and shook me all the way out of the lethargy I was living in. I won’t begin at the beginning of the journey, I will just go back and forth in order to talk about what is relevant to the Present. Because, one of the lessons I’ve learnt is that live happens now, not in the past, not in the future. I can feel it right now and I feel real happiness. It has nothing to do with my live being perfect, all the contrary, it’s an authentic mess.

I’m sitting in the kitchen with the view to the hill filled with terrace houses of different colours, just as one I live in now. It’s a blue house on the top of a hill, near the city center. There is something in this city that makes it different from the other places I’ve been to. This place is full of energy and liveliness, with people of all possible kinds but without going to extremes of American freakiness... well maybe there is a big amount of strangeness in the British culture as well. The light is different here, it’s brighter, it’s changing all the time turning the city into a kaleidoscope of urban shapes, colours and natural elements. The light plays games on the buildings, turns the colour of the sea from after storm lead gray to blue of all shades or dirty greenish. The afternoon sun on the real pure spring green of the trees and the walls of St Peter’s Church. It’s the city of light. Here things just happen. People keep walking the streets, the lanes where you can have a look at the second hand vintage shops, cafes that close before seven and pubs open till late.

For me
it’s the land of Merlin and fairy tales and here I’m living my own fairytale that started when I fell in love. Then it turned into a nightmare of a broken dream, just to let me discover what was actually meaningful in live. And I know I needed it to overcome my fears. So here I am with my wings wide opened, the wind in my face and courage to be who I am...just to be happy ...
I'm in peace.