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Monday, June 14, 2010

Everyday life

One of my readers told me that this blog is not like others he read. It’s not about everyday life so I hope I won’t disappoint him cause today I’ll give you a bit of routine.

6.30 am, I leave and as I’m walking down my street I see the horizon of city roofs with St. Peters tower standing out. Behind the city, the strip of the sea. Depending on the weather the roofs and walls are dark or bright when they reflect the sun. Also the colour of the sea changes but I haven’t deciphered the meaning of its changes yet. I’m dragged down the street by the gravity and the urge to arrive on time. Supposedly 5 minutes before my shift starts. I don’t have five minutes to loose at work! My dreams keep me pretty busy. Anyway, black uniform, shirt and trousers. No, I don’t want to wear a skirt.
I arrive at the hotel, change my shoes in the messy and smelly staff room. Every time I go in there I think what kind of people am I working with... Well basically people of all sorts. Young people and students at the reception and restaurant, older in the kitchen. It’s more or less fun to work with them. The work is easy, no responsibilities. I like my part to be done, my every week pay on my account. I do like some of them, but I’m not naive, few may become friends.
On my way back I walk along the North lane, the alternative one. As I walk, I let the work issues fade away and I relax. Sometimes I go into one of the shops just to have a look, there are still couple of them I haven't seen. I like the one with funny T-shirts: “sex, drugs and sausage roll” - very British; or the kid on a mountain of chairs trying to reach the moon. I know someone like this kid, trying to get to the moon...

I used to live near mountains but I must say that I’m loving the sea more and more, It’s mysterious and unpredictable. It is a strong element and gives this place a background of a fisherman's town that became something completely different now. Now it’s a gay capital, which I deduced, means that it can’t be boring, and it is not. This Sunday there was a naked bike ride. It’s a pity I couldn't see it. Instead I had couple of matches to play. There was a beach volley Hawaian tournament and surprisingly our team made it to the semifinals! I’m playing since February and I love it. My specialty is diving in the sand so I end up sandy, but also tanned and relaxed. Then comes the good part, a beer and conversations, some good laughs. Life is good.

So, here I am leading a very normal life, pretty busy but more or less steady. I follow the path of my dreams however my baggage is not very light.

Have you ever, after coming back from a journey, left your bag unpacked till the next day? And the next day you have to take everything out, the dirty and clean clothes mixed together... I know, it’s a bit disgusting. My emotions are like a bag of dirty clothes I forgot for a couple of days, and now I have to do the washing. For a while I did as if they didn’t exist but there is no way to avoid them. I‘d better do the washing before they stink!


  1. There's NOTHING like the sea :))))
    Me alegro muchísimo de verte tan contenta y sobre todo dispuesta a lavar la ropita esa que hay por ahí pendiente... Lávala, no dejes que se acumule ;)

  2. Gracias, con carino.
    Alli va algo de esa ropita, despues de lavar jajaja