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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Changes never stop happening

A year have past since I started to make changes to my life. Changes never stop and are still happening, sometimes I feel I'm loosing the ground under my feet and the winds are taking me somewhere without asking me where I want to get. Sometimes I spread my wings and enjoy the air on my face.

A year ago I learned to break certain laws governing a conventional existence. I let go ties to stability, to conforming with good-enough-to-survive live. I risked and won but I just found out that there are more ties to break.

Ties to familiarity and a home that doesn't have a location, just the smell of candles and wood and home made food. Life just doesn't fit to the written scripts. It's surprising, mysterious and sometimes scary.
Sometimes I freak out, the little girl in me rebels against the uncomfortable challenges. Why should I adapt, renounce and loose control!? Well, life. I decided about a new path and I am sticking to it. Today life is like a puzzle with pieces that doesn't match each other. Tomorrow, let's see.

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