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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"No se manana, se de hoy"

One of those days in July I woke up slowly becoming aware of the sounds around me. The coming and going of the trains. I imagined the roar of trolleys and people saying goodbye or hello.

I slowly became aware of the softness of the mattress as I lied curled in the middle of a king size bed. It smelled of a hotel room but it wasn’t the hotel I work at. I was alone in bed. I cried, just for a moment I felt lonely and I missed something. Then I let go the love and the dream. The man who left the room earlier that morning was not part of me anymore. I didn’t go with him to the station to say goodbye, and I didn’t want to keep his presence in the city I lived in now. I let him go.

It took me a couple of weeks to realize that I was free. As I was listening to Rosana “no se manana se de hoy”. “Hoy no es amor, no es ternura, no es odio ni amargura”. That morning someone I was ready to start a life with few months earlier became a stranger.

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