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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snowy days

Small flakes flow around innocently till the city is covert in magic.The brown leaves left behind their due date, felt on the white streets producing an unexpected colour scheme. It's an early surprise that brings forward Christmas atmosphere.
The cold hits my face, wakes me up in my inner refuge where I wintered during summer. Sometimes it seems almost necessary to go deep inside and then come out again. I'm still sleepy, a bit lethargic, barely aware of something coming up. Something that have been growing and taking shape. I don't know yet what it is but it has the mysterious colours of autumn and afternoon sunshine reflections. And I'm dying to paint it, sing it and dance it in a ritual that will let it free.
I just dreamt a dream and even if I don't remember the details I'm enjoying its taste in my memory, still half asleep.

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