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Monday, December 20, 2010

Love letters

Imagine... imagine that someone is writing love letters and bringing them to the postman with no other address than "anyone". The postman sends them to the people around. Some of them will say "it's not for me". Others will open it and their heart will jump, because there is someone who is talking TO THEM. Then sometimes the one who wrote the letter and the one who received it will meet each other. Each of them will leave their loneliness at home and say hello. And they will say "I know you" and they will kiss...
Do they know each other? When the one who sent the message: "I want to love YOU", who did s/he mean? And the YOU who received a letter addressed to anyone, who is s/he?

The words are wrong and so the feelings get... confused. YOU- one word that refers to anyone - are different from any other you, and I don't really know who YOU are. when I say "I love you" I refer to myself, but you don't know me. I could be anyone. So when I say "I love you" I'm cheating twice. Once, because I'm not really telling you who I am, twice because I pretend that I know who YOU are.

More than words:

Thus, when I find out that the one who says "I love you", doesn't really know me, I feel deceived. But I am not without guilt: I didn't tell him who I was.

The words, which meaning we take for granted, deceive and lie. We are the performers and the victim of our own lie.

Words are powerful weapons. You take one and throw it into an open heart and you cause damage. But it wasn't me who you threw the word-grenade at. It was just anyone. I'm not there to suffer because you don't know me.

And so I'm back to my loneliness. I feel safe and I decide not to send any letters for a while.

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