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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“Life is a dream and dreams are dreams”

My last journey is being a real challenge. I went deep down myself. I am walking my own insides. The person who I am: a dreamer. I found anger and love, peace, war. I deceive myself about my own life and the person who I am.
I am the one who builds my own false paths and tries to find the truth. I trap myself and open doors to set me free. Too often I forget that the ground under my feed is unsteady. Like Alice in wonderland growing and turning small, scared, insecure. Who to trust and worse if to trust myself.
I want to make peace. I want to let go the old wars, the ones that were fought in my name. I want to let go the hate that has never been mine and love that didn’t nourish. I want to let go the pain, hurtful words, silent screams. I want to leave behind the bad dream that brings the fears I don’t want to see. Past.
So I dreamt of a path I could take. The illusion I temporarily built, was a trap for myself. There is no one to blame. I forgot how easy it is to get lost without even realising. The need to adapt yourself to the requirements of the world around places us in front of a mirror with a model already drawn. I find it difficult to erase the way my life should be and make my own path.

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