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Monday, February 7, 2011

No place called home

These days I feel like there is no place called home. How did it happen?
Once, I dreamt of being a traveler who would discover the world out there. Out there was anywhere away from the place that I remember like in a dream. The perfect playground to enjoy the elements, to feel the wind throwing rain in my face. Wind playing in the mighty trees, murmuring the news from far away. I just listened to that call and when I had the opportunity I left. I didn’t know what it meant to leave behind the place called home and I didn’t know that I would be a foreigner. But it didn’t matter to me because I felt a stranger anyway.
I did discover the world, love, disappointment, trust. I became that stranger who walks the streets of anywhere as if they were my home town’s streets. I look inside those people, strangers who know where they belong and I see the same fears and dreams I have.
I never belonged to anywhere and I don’t feel I've lost the places I left behind.
I've been discovering the world but I am just starting to discover myself. I am proud of where I got and of the human being I became. I couldn't say if the travel changed me or if it allowed me to become myself. I got here and I wouldn’t go back. There are closed chapters. For good or for bad. I know there is a way in front of me and it’s just waiting to materialize.
Right now my fight is to be myself, and to give what I have to offer to people. Maybe then I can find a place I belong to.

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